PDP SP500 Single Bass Drum Pedal

120,00 € each

Put Max Power to Your Kick Drum!

You want your kick pedal to deliver maximum punch, with maximum precision. That's exactly what PDP by DW's SP500 Single Pedal does - and at a great price too! This amazing pedal's dual-chain drive puts the power where you need it, with maximum efficiency. Thanks to its offset-cam design and 2-way beater ball, the SP500 Single Pedal works the way you want it to, with super-smooth action and the kind of reliability that will make it your go-to kick pedal for the long haul. Don't settle for less; play your kick the way you want to, with the outstanding SP500 Single Pedal!

PDP by DW SP500 Single Pedal Kick-drum Pedal Features:

  • 2-way beater ball
  • Auxiliary side base plate
  • Dual-chain drive
  • Side-adjustable toe clamp
  • Offset cam

The PDP by DW SP500 Single Pedal puts dual-kick power at your feet!

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